Hey guys logging on to a websie out of California has really given me a huge vision for where  I want see things go w this outreach.
I am looking for anyone who loves to sew and wants to make Military Blankets for our Soldiers I am in need of 5 at present. I also want to see people who love the military come along side me to help w my outreach.
I also will be doing a drive from now until fair time for the following items:

ipods, dvd's/dvd players(portable) , cd's / portable cd player's, flash drives, head sets,microphones & webcams also used cell phones & pda's .

I also will except gift cards which will go to military families w children. It does not matter where the cards are from or for what amount. make sure the amount is clearly written on the card.
If you would like to donate,be a sponsor or help in anyway please call me 712 298 1662 or drop me a private message to me on Facebook or email me cyclone82@hotmail.com

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